Arrival of Autumn design – Hand painted Yuzen kimono fan from Kyoto

It was really hot summer this year again, but it has finally been cooling down a bit and in few weeks it will be autumn color season.

Ms. Junko Kirino, who is a professional yuzen kimono fabric dyeing artist from Kyoto, has prepared the autumn version of the yuzen kimono fan for us.

For the details of the dyeing technique used for making the fan, please visit our previous article on this craft .

Autumn flowers and weeds with the dragonflies

This fan is decorated with the typical autumn flowers and weeds on the left half and dragonflies are painted on the other side.

The price is 11,000yen+tax

Autumn flowers with moon and rabit

  The air gets dry and clear in autumn so we can see the moon beautifully and we often enjoy looking at the moon appreciating its beauty. The rabit is the one who has been enjoying viewing the beautifully round moon.


Autumn color maple tree with a rabit

   Maple trees dramatically turn the leaves to yellow and red colors in autumn and that is what people are often attracted to in this season.

The rabit has been jumping around under the tree as if she has also been enjoying the beautiful scenery.

   The price is 9,500yen +tax

Maple trees over the waterfall

  You can often find the maple trees in the mountain and the area with waterfall is often colder with the splashing water, so the leaves turn yellow faster than those in other areas.

The price is 11,000yen+tax

   They all come in the same size of 42cm including the bamboo handle and the width of 29cm.

How to purchase them?

You can either visit our store in Tokyo or you can send us emails and we can send them overseas by EMS or send them to those designated hotels or places within Japan where you specify after confirming your payment. Please choose the fan you want to purchase and we will calculate the cost of EMS (we normally provide cheaper option if it is available) and we will request the payment with PayPal to you by email. We will send it to you right after we confirm your payment. For domestic delivery within Japan, the shipping cost is only 660yen and it is free when the total goes over 11,000yen.

Contact address is info(at) (please change the (at) to @). Alternatively if you happen to be in Tokyo, you can visit us in Aoyama, Tokyo.

     The shop is only 1min walk from Gaienmae station exit 1b on Ginza line Tokyo Metro. Gaienmae station is only 2 stops away from Shibuya.

   If you are a visitor to Japan, please bring your passport, so you can claim for tax free!

    MA by So Shi Te

    2-22-15 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 107–0062

    Tel: 03-3401-0922

When the total of your purchase exceeds over 5,000yen, you can claim for tax free shopping. We need your passport to do that, so please do not forget to bring it with you, when you visit our store in Tokyo.  

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