The best Damascus kitchen knives from Echizen for home and professional use

There are several areas in Japan where are famous for production of high quality handmade kitchen knives and Echizen city of Fukui prefecture is one of them, and its history dates back to 14 century.

They have been producing various types of knives from reasonable carbon steel knives for home use to high end Damascus kitchen knives for professional use.

Good things about the Damascus kitchen knives are

  •          tough
  •          durable
  •          elegant and beautiful patterns of the blades

The Damascus blades are tough so that it does not get chipped easily and the sharpness lasts for a long time resulting in less frequency of sharpening it. The naturally created Damascus patterns are so beautiful and it certainly distinguish it from other ordinary knives by just the look of it.

At MA by So Shi Te, we provide the highest quality Damascus kitchen knives from Echizen city, which is named Fu-mi-zekka (風味絶佳) , which literally means flavor (風味)  and the highest quality (絶佳). When meals are prepared with sharp knives, they even taste better by maximizing the potential of ingredients.


The  handle is made of real wood (but its coated with water proof coating) and comes in two colors; natural and black.


product_img  The handles are beautifully hand carved so that it provides you to hold it with comfort.



This is the most popular size in Japan, called Santoku knife (三徳) and this is designed to cut vegetables, meat and fish. The price is 30,000yen + tax.


This is slightly smaller version of the Santoku knife and I personally like to use this size for cooking.  The price is 28,000yen + tax.



The petit knife is my favorite knife at home and I cut vegetables, fruits, chicken etc. It cuts really well and easy to handle with because of its small blade size. But it is too small to cut large and thick meat. The price is 23,000yen + tax.


This long knife is good at slicing hums and cutting fish etc. It is rather too long to cut vegetables, but when you want to cut thinly, then this knife works the best.  32,000yen + tax.


This knife called Deba (出刃) is generally used to cut fish into smaller pieces by removing bones and head etc. This is mainly used by the professionals in Japan. 37,000yen + tax.

I personally use them at home and I am totally happy using them. I would say they are the best Japanese cooking knives and you won’t need any other knieves once you buy them.

They are certainly expensive knives, but they last for like 50 years (you need to sharpen it once a year to maintain the sharpness though), so considering that I would say not that expensive.


Tax Free Shopping

When the total of your purchase exceeds over 5,000yen, you can claim for tax free shopping. We need your passport to do that, so please do not forget to bring it with you, when you visit our store in Tokyo.

How to purchase them?

You can either visit our store in Tokyo or you can send us emails and we can send them overseas by EMS or send them to those designated hotels or places within Japan where you specify after confirming your payment.

Please choose the knife you want to purchase and we will calculate the cost of EMS (we normally provide cheaper option if it is available) and we will request the payment with PayPal to you by email. We will send it to you right after we confirm your payment.

For domestic delivery within Japan, the shipping cost is only 648yen and it is free when the total goes over 10,800yen.

Shipping cost will be around 1,400yen to Aisa, 2,000yen to the USA and 2,200yen to European countries with EMS, but cheaper service, which is called epacket, is also available and the price will be about half of EMS, but it will take longer to deliver (e.g. EMS to the USA is about 3 days for the delivery, but it will take about a week for epacket service).

Contact address is info(at)  (please change the (at) to @).

    <Order flow>

1. Choose the knife you want and send an email to us (Please tell us your address and phone number)

2. We will reply to you with the cost of EMS and cheaper option price for you to choose.

3. We will send you PayPal payment instruction by email

4. We will send the goods as soon as we confirm your payment.


How to visit us in Tokyo?

The shop is only 1min walk from Gaienmae station (外苑前駅)Exit 1b on Ginza line Tokyo Metro. When you walk up the stairs of the exit 1b, you just need to walk straight for about 100m and our store is on the right side of the street on the ground floor.

Gaienmae station is only 2 stops away from Shibuya on Tokyo Metro Ginza line.

If you are a visitor, please bring your passport, so you can enjoy tax free shopping!

You can also find a map on our HP!

MA by So Shi Te

2-22-15 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku,

Tokyo Japan 107–0062

Tel: 03-3401-0922

Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:30 (Sat, Sun, NH until 19:00)

*Please check our homepage for holiday information.




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