New arrival of Iwamiyaki pottery from Shimane prefecture 雪舟窯

It’s been a while since I posted my last article and it is already autumn in Japan!

There is a famous street in this Aoyama area called Ginkgo tree street (神宮外苑いちょう並木), which is about 1 minute walk from my store, and this street is famous for beautiful autumn color from late November till early December.


The photo was taken in November last year and it was still a bit early for the autumn color, but still beautiful.

So if you are in Tokyo from late November till early December, you should definitely visit the street after visiting my store.


Anyway I am going to introduce new arrivals of Iwamiyaki potteries from Shimane prefecture.

I visited the potter about a year ago and I talked about it on this article . Many of the potteries I purchased during that trip have been sold out, so I requested the potter to send me more items.


This is my favorite hot pot nabe cooker. Nabe is a general term for this type of cooker, which is used for cooking a kind of casserole or stew.

We normally cook nabe in Winter.  There are numerous types of nabe recipe by combining various ingredients like meat, fish, chicken, vegetables etc and we often put it on a dining table to eat it directly from the nabe pot with your family and friends. Having nabe is not just a matter of eating tasty meal, but also you can enjoy communicating with other people sitting at the table. Anyway if you are interested in what nabe is all about, you can google and you will find lots of photos, recipes etc.

This particular pot on the photo is 12,000yen+tax.

The size is about 19cm in diameter and 20cm in hight.


This oval plate can be used for having curry, pasta or whatever you think suitable for this plate.

The size is about W32cm x D12cm x H6cm and the price is 4,200yen +tax.


I suppose you can use this for having salad as well.


This is slightly smaller sized plate with the size of W31 x D14 x H4cm and the price is 4,000yen+tax.


This is shallower and wider than the previous one, so it can be use more like a flat plate.

These small containers can be refrigerated and can be put on a microwave, so they are very convenient to keep pickles, leftovers etc.

The size is about 11cm in diameter and 7cm in hight and the price is only 2,500yen+tax.

This blue container is a bit bigger than the earlier ones and the size is about 13cm in diameter and 8cm in hight and the price is 3,000yen +tax.


Should you have any queries or if you are interested in purchasing any of them, please feel free to contact us. We can also ship them overseas by EMS after confirming your payment by PayPal.

How to purchase them?

You can either visit our store in Tokyo or you can send us emails and we can send them overseas by EMS or send them to those designated hotels or places within Japan where you specify after confirming your payment.

Please choose the items you want to purchase and we will calculate the cost of EMS (we normally provide cheaper option if it is available) and we will request the payment with Paypal to you by email. We will send it to you right after we confirm your payment.

For domestic delivery within Japan, the shipping cost is only 648yen and it is free when the total goes over 10,800yen.

Contact address is info(at) (please change the (at) to @).

Alternatively if you happen to be in Tokyo, you can visit us in Aoyama.

How to visit us in Tokyo?

The shop is only 1min walk from Gaienmae station exit 1b on Ginza line Tokyo Metro. Gaienmae station is only 2 stops away from Shibuya.

If you are a visitor to Japan, please bring your passport, so you can claim for tax free!

MA by So Shi Te

2-22-15 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku,

Tokyo Japan 107–0062

Tel: 03-3401-0922


Tax Free Shopping

When the total of your purchase exceeds over 5,000yen, you can claim for tax free shopping. We need your passport to do that, so please do not forget to bring it with you, when you visit our store in Tokyo.

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