Koishiwara pottery from Fukuoka prefecture by Mr. Hidemi Hayakawa

Fukuoka prefecture is located in Kyushu island, where is south of mainland of Japan. It is  about 1 hour and 30 minutes flight from Tokyo to visit there.

Kyushu island itself is very interesting place with lots of areas to visit and they also have their own unique cultures with interesting food etc. You will need at least 1 week to visit various cities in that island that is because the Kyushu island is larger than that of Taiwan.

Anyway Koishiwara pottery was originally developed in Koishiwara area of Fukuoka prefecture and it is characterized by the distinctive designs of dotted and brushed patterns.


These are dotted design. The surfaces of these potteries are lightly scratched off with a metal tool as they are rotated. I found a youtube short movie of how it is made, so it might be easier to watch it to understand https://youtu.be/cuMWGw0AvZQ .


These are brushed design. I personally like this design though.

There are many Koishiwara pottery craftsmen and each of them has their own uniqueness and I particularly like the works of Mr. Hidemi Hayakawa, who I think makes more sophisticated version of Koishiwara pottery.

Koishiwara pottery is generally reasonably priced, although all of them are hand-made. For example, the small plate on the photo, which is about 15cm in diameter, costs you only 1,500yen + tax, the middle size of 18cm is 1,960yen+tax and the largest one of 21cm is 2,700yen+tax.


These flower shaped bowls come in two different sizes; about 18cm and 14cm in diameter and the prices are 2,700yen+tax and 1,850yen+tax respectably.


The small one can be neatly nested in the larger one.


This large soup bowl is 3,300yen+tax and the size is about 17.5cm in diameter.




Koishiwara pottery generally comes in light brown color as you saw earlier, but he also makes it with greenish blue color.


The bowl is about the size of 15cm in diameter and the price is 2,300yen+tax.

We normally stock other product lineups too such as cups and tiny plates for soy source etc at our store and the new ones have always been arriving constantly from time to time.


Should you have any queries or if you are interested in purchasing any of them, please feel free to contact us. We can also ship them overseas by EMS after confirming your payment by Paypal.

Alternatively if you happen to be in Tokyo, you can visit us in Aoyama

How to visit us in Tokyo?

The shop is only 1min walk from Gaienmae station exit 1b on Ginza line Tokyo Metro.

If you are a visitor to Japan, please bring your passport, so you can claim for tax free!


MA by So Shi Te

2-22-15 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku,

Tokyo Japan 107–0062

Tel: 03-3401-0922



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nieves says:

    What a coincidence !!!!
    My mother’s cousin lives in Koishiwsra and he is a potter. So I have some dishes ( Koishiwara Yaki ) . I have been there once when I was a child, I remember my mother showed us ( my sister and me) how to make them. Also there are some Agano Yaki ( 上野焼 ) in my house.. it’s my grandmother’s ( my mum’s side) relatives made them, I think.

    1. Thank you for your comment!! Oh, what a coincidence! I love Koishiwara yaki! I wonder if your cousin still makes it. Each potter makes different style from others, so I’ve always been interested in taking a look at Koishiwara yaki made by other potters. I’ve never heard of Agano yaki. I’ll check it up on internet!!

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