Magnetic wooden little vase “Ichirinzashi” 花壁


This magnetic wooden little vase is the most popular product amongst other items and over 2,000 of them have already been sold from my store.

The reason for its popularity is that the wooden vase can be put on a wall on a drawing pin, which comes with the vase.


The magnet is really strong so that it does not easily come off from the wall.

hanakabe1sThey come in four different types of wood, Walnut, Cherry, Oak and Maple.



The glass test tube can be removed easily like on the photo above, but it would be easier to use a spray to water the plant.


It is reasonable, so perfect souvenir and gift!


You can purchase them at our real store in Aoyama, Tokyo, but you can also order online too .


Aoyama market店:

The online stores are only in Japanese, but you can place your order via email.


Should you have any queries or if you are interested in purchasing any of them, please feel free to contact us. We can also ship them overseas by EMS after confirming your payment by Paypal.

Alternatively if you happen to be in Tokyo, you can visit us in Aoyama

How to visit us in Tokyo?

The shop is only 1min walk from Gaienmae station exit 1b on Ginza line Tokyo Metro.

If you are a visitor to Japan, please bring your passport, so you can claim for tax free!

MA by So Shi Te

2-22-15 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku,

Tokyo Japan 107–0062

Tel: 03-3401-0922


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nieves says:

    That’s exact I have looked for !
    Is it still in stock ? Or sold out already ?
    I would love to order it ..

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! There are still enough stocks at my store! They are really cute, aren’t they? !

  2. Nieves says:

    Yes , its really nice ! I am going to order it your online shop .. ( well, Tokyo is too far from here … )

    1. Oh, you can send me email from my HP and I’ll sort it out soon!

  3. Nieves says:

    Thank you ! I have just ordered 🙂
    .. I ordered bamboo lunch box too !! Looking forward to receive them.

    1. Oh, thank you very much! I’ll send a proper mail to you tomorrow! Arigato!

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