Blue porcelain small sake cups and large bowls by Mr. Youichi Yoko Yajima (矢嶋ヨーコ洋一)

It has been really hot lately in Tokyo as usual in Summer and as you may know summer in Tokyo is not only hot in terms of temperature, but the humidity makes the situation even worse….

Anyway it has always been like that every year, so we have  various ways of trying to keep cool both physically and mentally.

We, of course, have air conditioners to keep ourselves physically cool and you cannot possibly survive without them in modern Japan. We can also eat something cold such as shaved ice called Kakigohri or ice cream etc. We, however,  have various other ways to feel cool by deceiving our perceptions to feel cool by listening to cool sound like wind bell and seeing something which looks cool.


Blue color is often associated with cool and cold things, so you might be able to experience cool situation by drinking sake from these sake cups. The little blue tatami mat is not for sale and you can purchase that from The tatami mat is made by my friend and if you have trouble communicating with her, you can contact me, so I can communicate with her on behalf of your request.


The view from the above. How is that?! I certainly feel cool by looking at them and I cannot wait using these cups for drinking sake by myself.

Sake cups are generally very small, so it is about 6cm in diameter.


These are large bowls and the one on the top right is the small sake cup, so you can tell how big these bowls are. The larger one is 25cm in diameter and the smaller one is 12.5cm.

The sake cup is 3,000yen, the smaller bowl is 3,600yen and the largest one is 9,000yen (the prices are all excluding the 8% tax).


The shapes of these two bowls are different as you can see above.



Should you have any queries or if you are interested in purchasing any of them, please feel free to contact us. We can also ship them overseas by EMS after confirming your payment by Paypal.

Alternatively if you happen to be in Tokyo, you can visit us in Aoyama

MA by So Shi Te

2-22-15 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku,

Tokyo Japan 107–0062


The shop is only 1min walk from Gaienmae station exit 1b on Ginza line.



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