Hand carved wooden plates by Mr. Tatsuya Okano (岡野達也)


I like handcrafted things, but I do not like too hand-crafty things.

I like those handcrafted things, which are beautifully designed and sharp edges etc.


We have been experiencing very fast development in technology, which I couldn’t imagine when I was little and it seems we have to catch up with the speed of that development regardless of whether we want or not.

We are like living on a fast moving train and we have to keep riding on it to live our modern life.


But the reality is that we also like naturally blowing wind and flowers and weeds. We like nature too.

The development in technology does not mean that we have to give up those old fashioned things like handcrafts.

We can keep those things we feel comfortable with and handcrafted things are one of them, I suppose.


The reason I like Mr. Okano’s works is that his wooden products are all handmade and hand carved, but the shapes and designs are sophisticated in a  way that they are handcrafted, but also modern in a way.

woodentray1   The surface of the plate is hand carved, so you can feel the rough surface, but it is carved with a particular pattern, so you can perceive the lines as a part of design.


On the other hand, the other sides are cut with sharp edges adding the sophisticated impression to the plate.


Beautiful and sexy edges and lines in just the way I like.


This hexagon plate is also similar size with the square one.

I prefer using this kind of plate with simple modern porcelains rather than using many of this kind of plates at the same time on the same table, which gives rather wrong impression as like living in a country side house (I do not have any objection to a country side cottage, but I am now talking about my real life as living in urban city).




There is also a long and narrow version of this plate.


This will be the perfect plate for hors d’oeuvres.




The sizes are all around 33 to 40cm wide.

The prices are all 10,000yen + tax.

You can see the actual products at my store in Aoyama, Tokyo.

To visit our store in Tokyo

Only 1 min. walk from Gaienmae Station Exit 1b on Ginza line (metro).

2-22-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Map: http://www.mabysoshite.com/access/access01


We can also send them overseas too by EMS (the payment can be done with Paypal), so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us http://www.mabysoshite.com/contactus/contactus01


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