Made in Tokyo Wooden Chopsticks 東京木箸(江戸木箸)Edokibashi

My favorite chopsticks are obviously those made with bamboo (the reason I say obviously is because my shop has been selling them since we opened 9 years ago), because they are light weight and sharp. They are also reasonable, which is one of the important factors to decide the best chopsticks for my personal use.


The sharp chopsticks are easier to hold food and they can easily remove fish bones, when you eat grilled fish.

There are, however, certain number of people who complain that the bamboo chopsticks are too light weight and sharp, and I do not have any objections to their personal favoritism. That is fair enough. But once you get used to use these thin bamboo chopsticks, you will see why I like them.

Chopsticks can be very expensive and some of them can cost you over US$ 100, whereas you can also find cheap ones like $1. There are always sufficient reasons and factors to fix prices of products, so I wouldn’t say the expensive ones are just a ripoff, but I personally believe that over $100 chopsticks are way too expensive for mere consumables.

I’ve recently introduced new chopsticks which are made with a hardwood. They are heavier and thicker than those of bamboo ones, but because they are made with the hardwood, the pointing area is sharp enough to satisfy my preference, but the body area is thick enough to fulfill those people who like thicker ones.


These chopsticks are handmade in Tokyo, but the prices are not super expensive, which are also important factor to decide what good chopsticks are.

There are also non coated versions.



They are practical, but also beautiful.


You can see the actual products at my store in Aoyama, Tokyo.

To visit our store in Tokyo

Only 1 min. walk from Gaienmae Station Exit 1b on Ginza line (metro).

2-22-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo



We can also send them overseas too by EMS (the payment can be done with Paypal), so if you are interested, please feel free to contact us


You can also check details on our online store

Yahoo shop:


Alternatively you can order from Aoyama Market:






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