Hakone Yosegi Marquetry Himitsubako Puzzle box 秘密箱

Hakone, which is located about 2 hours away from Tokyo, is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is also known for vaious wooden crafts. Yosegi or Marquetry is one of them.

This beautifully decorated box with marquetry is called Himitsu bako (秘密箱), which literally means Secret box in English. It is often translated as Puzzle box as well.


I introduced the himitsubako with 21 movements to open before, but this time the same size but 10 movements.

21 movements box is certainly interesting, but some people say that it is too hard.


When you move the surface wooden plates 10 times, you will be able to open it.


This is large enough to keep something inside.

We generally stock over 30 different types of puzzle boxes.

For other puzzle boxes and for purchasing them, please visit this page


If you can read Japanese, you can visit our online stores



We generally stock over 30 different types of this kind of puzzle boxes and you can also see the most of them on our online stores too.



You can also visit us in Tokyo

Address: 2-22-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


only 1 min walk from Metro Ginza line Gaienmae station Exit 1b.

MAP: http://www.mabysoshite.com/access/access01.html

We are tax free shop, so if you purchase over 10,000yen at our store, you will be entitled to claim for Tax free shopping.

We can also ship them overseas as well and the payment can be done with Paypal, so if you want to order from overseas, please email us from the link bellow  http://www.mabysoshite.com/contactus/contactus01.html


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