Modern Japanese laminated bamboo furniture

Bamboo has a very beautiful texture when it is cut, like the grain of some hardwoods. The straight lines of bamboo provide elegance to products made with this age-old material.

The advantage of using bamboo is not only the beauty of the texture, but also the eco-friendly nature of this material. It takes about fifty years for a tree to grow to maturity, whereas bamboo grows 10 meters in only three months and is fully grown in a mere 3 years.

Japan, along with other Asian countries, has always depended on bamboo as the raw material for a huge range of items, many in daily use. This connection to bamboo, also a motif in much traditional Japanese art, has gradually been forgotten, however, as the appeal of Western-style items has grown.

The beauty and eco-friendly aspects of bamboo make it worth bringing back into our lives.

Bamboo furniture is still unusual even in Japan, mainly because it is harder to process compared with wooden furniture.

tension chair

The laminated bamboo is very strong, so the frame can be shaved to really thin, but still strong enough for an adult to sit on it.

Moreover, this tension chair has the natural cushion structure, so it feels soft when you sit on it.

tension chair2

There are other chairs and also sofa as well.


This bench has the same tension structure like the chair.


This small entrance stool is also one of my favourites.


there are also other furniture, so if you are interested, please visit our online shop (only Japanese version is available now….)


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