AIRAQUA Hiryu (Echizen washi air purifier)


Our aim in making the Airaqua with handcrafted Japanese washi paper was to create more artistic and attractive air purifier, which can be hung on the wall just like an artwork. This makes the Airaqua a decorative feature of the room, in contrast to the typical mechanical air purifier. The use of washi enables us to give the Airaqua one of any number of appearances and makes the Airaqua even lighter in weight.


About Airaqua

  The science of physics supplies the system by which the Airaqua operates to remove harmful particles from the air. When ultraviolet light hits the surface of the Airaqua, titanium dioxide generates a powerful active-oxygen radical from moisture and oxygen in the air.The Airaqua makes use of spherical titanium dioxide to generate active oxygen to draw in and break down harmful airborne particles in a photocatalyst reaction. The surface area of the titanium oxide spheres used in the Airaqua is equivalent to the size of 21 tennis courts, or about 14,000 square meters. This makes the Airaqua the best air purifier available in Japan.

The features of the Airaqua

  ①    Does not use electricity

②    Does not make a sound

③    Does not break down

④    Works non-stop

⑤    Can be left on indefinitely

⑥    Can be easily placed against a wall

⑦    Lightweight and easily carried

⑧    Easy to use

⑨    Recyclable

⑩    Can be used outdoors


About Washi

Washi is generally made using fibers from kozo (paper mulberry), mitsumata (Edgeworthia chrysantha) and gampi (a type of shrub). The long fibers found in these ingredients give washi greater strength and durability than typical paper. Some very old examples of washi exist, providing evidence of its long-lasting nature, and Japanese banknotes are made of a mixture of ingredients that include some used in traditional washi paper.

About Hiryu

The city of Echizen has a long history of washi-making and craftsmen there turn out various types of washi for a range of uses. A special papermaking technique called Hiryu (literally flying dragon) was invented by a craftsman called Mr. Osada in Echizen and with this technique; he could create more flexible and complicated patterns.

For the Airaqua Hiryu air purifier, powdered air-purifying material is blended with washi ingredients to make a special Airaqua purifier that works just like a standard Airaqua but is even lighter in weight. The Hiryu Airaqua provides users with the opportunity to purify the air in their home with a purifier that looks more like a work of art than an air purifier.


For more detail information on this porduct, please visit our HP (Available only in Japanese)



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