Makie bamboo brush pen

  Makie technique  is unique to Japan and it was developed mainly in the Heian period and was flourished in the Edo period.

Makie literary means sprinkled pictures, usually using gold or silver powder sprinkled onto various objects to decorate. Urushi lacquer is generally used as the glue.

  Unlike normal contemporary lacquer, urushi slowly dries under high humidity condition. It, therefore, takes many steps to form one picture.

  Anyway if you are interested in Urushi and Makie, you can search on internet further and you will find many literature regarding these two things.

  Due to the difficulty and complexity of the art work, Makie products tend to be very expensive. Makie has, thus,  been a symbol of wealth, decorating many house hold items and has been associated with luxury.

  I, therefore, requested a craftsman, Ms. Yasuko Fujikawa, to create something more reasonable for daily use and something more suitable for gifts.

  Here are two examples of makie bamboo brush pens. We can make your original makie bamboo brush pen upon your request (the price varies depending on the complexity of the design, technique and materials used).

  The price of makie varies dramatically depending on the technique and the material used. These two makie brush pens are still not easy to create, but created with  relatively less complicated technique and inexpensive materials even though they are still made with real gold.


This is a design of bamboo. The base bamboo brush pen was once coated with transparent urushi lacquer and the makie bamboo was decorated afterward.


A shell decorates the top of the brush pen cap (bamboo leaf design).


Here is a plum design.




  The price for these two pens are 8,400yen (as of 12th Nov. 2013).

  The price of bamboo brush pen itself increased in August 2013 and these two pens were made before the price increase. It will be 8,975yen or more after I finish the current stock of the brush pens.

  If you purchase (technically speaking you won’t be able to find the same one at other stores) the same thing in department stores, you would end up with paying much more than that for sure.

  Should you have any queries regarding the makie bamboo brush pen, please free to contact me.

  To contact me, please click here.




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