Brief introduction to Aoyama Area


Tokyo has many different aspects just like many other cities have. Ueno area can be discribed as more casual and less expensive area and also has lots of artistic aspects due to the fact that the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music is located in that area.

On the other hand Ginza has always been associated with luxury and lavish images, completed with luxury department stores, shops and restaurants.

How about Aoyama then?! Aoyama has also luxury and lavish images like Ginza has, but as for Ginza, it is more historical and tends to attract relatively older crowd. On the other hand, Aoyama tends to attract younger and design consious people, that is mainly because, I suppose, Omotesando where houses many boutieques and fashionable restaurants, is located right next to Aoyama.

The photo is of a famous ginko tree street in Aoyama. It is often hard to find greens and parks in Tokyo, although it has slowly been changing. Even though Ueno area has a large park right next to the Ueno station,  once you leave the park, you will barely find trees and parks in that area. Aoyama, however, has lots of trees and green areas like the ginko tree street, so people often discribe Aoyama as fun to walk around.

 There area many interior shops, galleries, fashion related shops and also lots of high quality restaurants. Brazilian embassy is located in Aoyama area too, so there are several brazilian restaurants in this area as well.

There are many places I like in Aoyama and the ginko tree street certainly comes to the top of my list. Nezu museum, which exhibits a private collection from a founder of Tobu railway Sir Kaichiro Nezu. is also highly recommended. They also have nice Japanese style garden, so if you are in this area and have a bit of time to spare, it would be nice choice  to visit both the museum and garden.

If you like comtemporary arts, Watarium Museum might be a good distination. They feature young artists and the exhibition is often interesting. The size is not that big, but they also have small museum shop, where you can find unique items.

There are so many things to do in Aoyama area, so I cannot write them all in one blog, so this is all for today.

My shop, MA by So Shi Te, is located in the ginko tree street area (only three min. walk from there) and the closest station is Ginza line, Gaienmae station.




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